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Casey R

I always wanted a pool, who wouldn't right? But I didn't want a regular pool, I wanted an inground pool, when we finally had the house, yard, and room for one, we started to call around. After getting estimates from several different companies, we decided to go with the Pool Doctors. Contracts were signed, it was going to take a week or maybe longer for all the parts to come in, lucky for us, someone wasn't ready for their pool, and it was the same size. It was the day after Thanksgiving when I huge truck came and dropped off all the materials, they were scheduled to start the following day. That morning Richie was here early, along with all the workers, machines were in the yard, and they began digging, expect a huge mess! Expect for your yard to look like complete crap! But do expect for Richie to be there making sure everything goes on schedule, and expect for the workers to bust their behinds every day!

I must say I was so surprised at how much work got done on the first day! These men WORK! And it wasn't warm out either. They were here every day on time and worked for 8 hours sometimes more, they never left anything undone! They also communicated what they were going to do the following day, and believe me it was done. Everything went exactly on schedule. The longest was waiting for the liner, once that was in, they came back to put it in, and fill the pool up with water.

I'm pleasantly surprised that everything went amazing, Richie was constantly here, explaining everything, we went with his electricians, they both communicated to each other to get everything done on time. We got two lights inside the pool, that change color, we also went with the heated pool, and to top it off Richie convinced us to go with the salt water.

Once the water was filled up they winterized it and will be back before the cement gets poured to run the pool first.

So far so good, I haven't been in the pool yet because it's winter, but I can't wait for the spring!

Kris R

1st class all around! Everything they promised they delivered! From punctuality to price to be professional! Richie walks you through every step including getting the best prices on electricians and plumbers! Even design and any questions you have they make you feel like family! We can't wait for the summer! Richie and Bobby are the best!

Chris G

The Pool doctor did the installation on my pool 5 years ago and did an amazing, quick, clean and professional job. They have also been servicing it since and are extremely prompt and professional, would recommend them to anyone looking for installation and/or service.

Rich F

I've dealt with many contractors, most of them promise the world until they get the job and then either don't show up when promised, the quality of work is sub-par, or some just mess up your yard. When doing something as important as a swimming pool I made sure I did my homework and the pool doctor kept coming up as the best to use, so I picked them. I'm really glad I did. Their price in league with all the others, and they were extremely professional. They came in, did the job, give me the information I needed moving forward and left. A simple and pleasant experience, it was how you expect jobs to go when promised by a contractor, but in reality, usually do not. What's best is they, they ALWAYS answer the phone or call you back, if you have questions or need help. A+++

Suzie Q

Great company! I have experienced both the pool service and snow removal and were very impressed by the service and work done. I would highly recommend Pool Doctors Snow Removal and Pool Doctors Pool Service for anyone who wants a company that knows that they are doing and does the job right. The girls at the office are so nice and helpful, too.

Armondo G

Best pool company hands down on Staten Island!! From start to finish it has been a pleasure working with the pool doctors. I couldn't be more happier with the end results. I now use them to open and close my pool. Also, I use them for maintenance throughout the summer so my pools always clean n ready to use. Thank you pool doctor it has been a wonderful experience.

Matt M

Great company and Great service called for an appointment they were right on time I needed my liner replaced Bobby came out the day before to make sure I purchased the right liner the crew came in the next day great job I highly recommend this company

Mike C

I used them to install an in-ground pool a few years back. Rich was hands on an didn't pressure us into any add-ons we didn't want. A job well done including the seasonal opening/closing services.

Suzy M

Thank you for a great pool lining installation and educating us about the best route to take! The owner Bob is truly a great guy and if something goes wrong, he is right there in person to take care of it! Thanks for having our backs, we will definitely keep Pool Doctor for life!!!

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