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The question is what will you be using your pool for and where will it be located

Pool Shapes

Choose from our wide variety of pool shapes that will perfectly complement your home architecture and decor. When considering the shape of your pool, the location, who will be using the pool and for what reasons are the primary factors to consider. Rectangular pools are ideal for swimming laps. Straight and geometric shapes are more formal whereas the curved free-form shapes give a more natural look.

Not only will you be adding a new and beautiful look to your backyard, but you will also be adding a lifestyle of fun and relaxation all while increasing the value of your home. Also, you will enjoy quality time with your family and friends during those hot summer months.

Let's get started! Here are some of the traditional shapes but whatever shape or size you can imagine or draw, we can make it a reality here at Pool Doctor!!

Double Roman

Figure 8


Grecian Lazy L

Grecian True L



Lap Pool

Lazy L







Single Roman

Straight Walled

True L


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