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Vinyl Liner Pools

Like gunite pools which can be created in any shape or size, so can vinyl at an affordable price.

The structures of vinyl liner swimming pools are assembled in 3 ft by 8 ft modular panels made of galvanized steel or thermoplastic. They are available in various radius and straight segments and are secured together to make up the perimeter shape of the pool. At the bottom of the structure, there is vermiculite, a cement-like floor. The liner typically locks into a track located under the coping.

Vinyl liners have many wonderful features, one being its smooth surface. There are many design options, sizes, and shapes to choose from. You are not limited to only a small variety of colors and patterns. There are many to choose from which can dramatically improve the visual effect of your swimming pool. Vinyl liner pools are also less expensive than gunite pools.

As with gunite pools, a variety of features may be added including sun decks, benches, stadium style steps, spill over spas, laminar jets, waterfalls, and special lighting effects.

Gunite Pools

Gunite swimming pools have become a popular choice for homeowners today because of their beauty, high durability, versatility in creating different shapes and because they are built to last. The traditional method of poured concrete used a wooden framework to hold the shape of the basin. Gunite which has become the preferred method uses a rebar framework that is sprayed over with a concrete and sand mixture resulting in a very strong base.

Gunite pools can have a variety of finishes to match the ambiance of your backyard poolscape. With a wide array of shades, plaster finishes can be done to blend beautifully with your pool decking. For a truly unique high-end look finishes can be created from pebbles or glass. There is great flexibility when building a gunite pool. Features such as waterfalls, custom steps, seating and so many more can easily be done.

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