2020 New Year's Resolution

A New Year and decade is upon us! As we always try to improve ourselves in our resolutions, here is a list that aims to improve how we care for out pool!

Resolution #1:

Fix Problems Instead of Putting Band-aids on Them. What may seem like a small or insignificant issue can potentially end up being a large and expensive one. A small tear in the liner you have been ignoring and have been repeatedly adding water to the pool which dilutes the chemicals and costs money, for example. Make sure you address small issues right away not just for financial reasons, but for safety reasons.

Resolution #2:

Balancing the Water Chemistry.Maintaining the right chemistry in the water is very important. Your children are going to swim in this water, and you want to keep it clean and safe for them.

Resolution #3:

Properly Maintaining the Pool.Putting off pool maintenance only promises more problems that could easily had been avoided. Cleaning the filter and strainer baskets need to be routinely emptied. A dirty filter can lead to a slew of problems, and so can a clogged basket.

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