How to Address Snow on Your Pool Cover

As we long for the warm weather so we can enjoy the pool again, you have to make certain that your pool is properly maintained throughout the winter. One factor that affects the pool and cover is snow and/or ice.

Snow and ice buildup on your cover, if not properly addressed, can cause damage to not only the cover, but the liner and pool as well. On above ground pools, the weight of the snow can pull the cover down, possibly damaging the top rails and walls. On inground pools, the heavy snow can cause the cover to stretch, possibly pulling the anchors out.

It is important to make sure that snow doesn't pile on the cover. Here are a couple of tips on how to properly remove the snow from your pool cover.

Throughout the winter always check that the pool is full of water. If the pool is losing water from either a leak in the liner or just displacement, refill the pool if necessary. This will help lower the amount of rain/snow/ice accumulation on the cover.

If the pool is losing water, first check if the cover pump is draining your pool in which case you will need a new cover. How can you tell if it is the pump? Place the pump in a low Tupperware and if the water stops draining from the pool, then you know it is the cover.

You can use a long broom and push the snow off the cover in a gentle manner. Never use a shovel or anything with sharp edges!! It can rip the cover. Staying on top of the problem is the best way to prevent damage

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