Things To Avoid When Closing Your Pool

As fall and winter quickly approaches in our area it means preparing for the winterization of your pool.

First thing to avoid is leaving your swimming pool susceptible to algae. Pool chemistry should be maintained and balanced regularly until temperatures reach below 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside. This will avoid algae build up under the cover.

Avoid closing your pool dirty. You should thoroughly brush and vacuum your pool before closing as well as adding the proper winterization chemicals to boost your water chemistry for the winter. Closing a clean, well maintained pool will make your pool opening in the spring that much easier.

Another important thing to avoid is closing your pool with a insufficient amount of water . The lowest recommended level of water is right below the skimmer box. If the pool has a very low water level or is completely drained out you risk damage from hydrostatic pressure. The weight of the water in the pool is necessary to keep any pressures from the ground under and around the pool from damaging the pool walls, shape and/or liner.

There are many things to avoid and a lot of things necessary to do correctly when winterizing your pool. Taking the right steps to winterize your swimming pool properly preserves the life of not only your pool but all of the equipment as well.

Take good care of your investment.

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