Properly Storing Pool Chemicals

After you have closed up your swimming pool for the winter it is important to store your chemicals properly and safely. Doing this will ensure the safety of yourself and your family as well preserving the effectiveness of your chemicals for the following pool season. A proper space is needed for storage. A dedicated location that is dry, climate controlled and out of the reach of children is ideal. Many people choose to store pool chemicals in the garage or shed. A dedicated storage bin with a secure sturdy cover is a good option when placed on the floor of a controlled climate area.

All chemicals should be kept in their original containers with all manufacturer labels on them. This way all ingredients, storing information and warning labels are in tact. Try to keep chemicals seperated by using boxes or dividers inside your chemical storage bin. Remember that all chemical manufacturers post on their packaging specific storing instructions and sell by effective dates. Read and follow these instructions accordingly for each individual product to reduce the chance of any incidents with your swimming pool chemicals.

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