Three Expensive Closing Mistakes

Make sure you clear the leaves, ice, snow and excess water as it collects from your cover during the winter. It is advisable to leave a little water, as it protects the cover from wind damage, but too much water also can turn into large ice chunks, whose weight can create problems. Clear leaves from the cover, as they also add extra weight, and can cause any water on the cover to become swampy.

To some people, it might seem that the right thing to do to empty the pool for the winter, but it is not so. Water gives the walls of the pools support, and without that support, the walls can cave in or crack, and vinyl liners can shrink, dry out, and become damaged without the water.

Without a winter cover, your pool is a large receptacle for leaves and debris. Not only will you have the added cost of cleaning the leaves and debris at your opening, but your liner can become stained and or damaged and will need to be replaced. Ice, tree branches and other sharp pieces of debris can get into the pool, which can tear the liner.

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