Purchasing a Home with a Pool? Be in the Know

So you found your dream home. And it has a backyard oasis! Perfect! For some. But for other potential home buyers, this can add some reluctance to the sale. Even if you have decided that you would want a swimming pool, you should be cautious when considering a home that already has a pool installed. Here are some questions to ask that can help you in your decision making:

-Who built the pool?
-When was the pool installed/built?
-Depending on the season, was the pool properly winterized, and/or opened for the summer?
-Was the pool properly maintained by either the homeowner or a pool professional?
-What type of pool equipment runs the pool? Are they newer models, making them more efficient to run & maintain the pool? (ie: filter, pump, heater)
-Can the current homeowner provide paperwork of any repairs or equipment replacement? (vinyl liner replacements, repairs to gunite, plumbing/line repairs)
-Is the pool salt water or chlorine?
-Does the pool have a proper winter cover?

These are a few topics that you can bring up to help you get a better idea of your potential new pool. So don’t turn down a perfect house just because you may be intimidated by being a first time pool owner!
Be in the know!

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