Salt System Versus Chlorine

We are frequently asked the question which is better, saltwater or chlorine pools. Let’s try to clear up a few of the most popular asked questions. First, they are both chorine based pools. Salt is used to create chorine using a process called electrolysis, which is the breakdown of the salt by passing electricity through it. In a salt system pool there is a steady flow of chorine being added to the pool, keeping the water disinfected, unlike a chlorine pool where you have to consistently maintain the chemical balance.

As a natural, effective sanitization alternative to harsh chemical chlorine, salt chlorination is an increasingly popular choice for pool and spa owners around the world. Salt chlorination systems convert dissolved salt into just the right amount of chlorine, automatically creating perfectly sanitized, luxuriously soft water. Salt chlorination satisfies 100% of your pool and spa’s chlorination needs while providing three major advantages over traditional chlorination methods: comfort, convenience and cost savings.

By providing automatic, consistent sanitization, salt chlorination avoids the highs and lows of manual chlorine addition, delivering water that won’t irritate eyes, dry skin or cause fabrics to fade. The gentle sanitization process eliminates harsh chlorine odors while creating velvety smooth water that feels unbelievably luxurious.

Salt chlorination systems automatically convert dissolved salt into a virtually endless supply of chlorine, so you can spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it. No more mixing and measuring harsh, factory produced liquid or tablet chlorine chemicals – just jump in and relax with total peace of mind.

As a steady supply of 100% pure, natural chlorine continuously circulates throughout your pool, you can expect to cut your chlorine costs over the years by at least 50%. By keeping the chlorine levels perfectly balanced, salt chlorination can also extend the life of your pool and spa, saving you expensive costs down the road.

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